The Party Land

Rebranding, Graphic Design

The Party Land stands out as one of the best event planning and party supply shops in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Challenge: Milk was asked to create a new timeless brand that would fit the modern world.

The Solution: We have positioned the brand as a Jester personality. The role of the Jester archetype is to bring everybody together to play, appreciate the joy in life and connect with their inner child. As the ultimate entertainer, the Jester is able to make people feel good, a feeling that any brand would like to be associated with. Jester brands give the impression that they live in the moment, use outrageous imagery and often tease their customers affectionately. We have applied that into consideration by carefully choosing colors that are bright to reflect the high energy levels associated with the brand. We have also used the confetti as a supporting graphic and brought a party element to the brand to reflect its youthful and dynamic personality.​​​​​​​ Now let's party!