Godiva Packaging

Abstraction brings beauty in the most unique of ways.

Looking at the different elements that are used as representation of the Holy Month, looking into colors gives a very deep meaning for the designs.

Abstraction brings beauty in the most unique of ways. Researching the elements often used in Ramadan Designs our take is to abstract them and in return steer away from the Ramadan clichés in an attempt of creating a simplified geometric pattern that looks beautifully simple, and when put with other boxes becomes even more grand and beautiful. It brings about the concept of sharing the goodness and love during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Each box can be sold alone, but it encourages people to buy more boxes that create a beautiful pattern and act as a loving gift to loved ones reflecting togetherness. With this direction, it targets the audiences in both the Saudi market as well as the UAE market, to not only target people interested in the Holy month, but also anyone interested in gifting.